Hardware Bundle

Full Stack Energy Storage Controls

  • Hardened, industrial-grade site controller and unit controllers for utility and commercial applications
  • Enables energy storage plants to meet all competitive requirements
  • Efficient communication system with millisecond response time
  • Ability to regulate voltage, reactive and active power and the power factor at the grid feed-in point quickly and precisely.
  • Individual activation of inverters and subsystem components
  • Compact design enables easy and fast installation
  • Seamless integration with a SCADA system or any 3rd party controller
  • Supports multiple communication protocols: RESTful Web API, Modbus, DNP3, IEC61850, IEC60870-5-104, CAN
  • Digital and analogue I/O modules for communication capabilities with third-party devices
  • Balance of plant components, thermal management, fire panel and meter ingestion, diagnostics and reporting
  • Configuration, parameterization and diagnostics via WebUI

Technology Agnostic Equipment and Plant Controls

The Fractal EMS open architecture supports utilization of different batteries and balance of plant components.

Lightening Fast

40 ms Control Latency

Fractal can install the rack solution inside the energy storage container, inside a controls building or an indoor / outdoor NEMA cabinet. The unit controllers are rail mounted inside each PCS cabinet door.

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