The Fractal EMS hardware stack consists of the Site Controller (one per site), Unit Controller (one per inverter), communications devices, managed switches, metering and NEMA rated enclosure (indoor and outdoor options available). The Site Controller and Unit Controller devices are built using ruggedized embedded controllers with a MTBF of > 350,000 hours. All hardware device assembly and factory acceptance testing is done in the U.S.A. Built tough for harsh environments and stringent uptime guarantees.


Latency <40 milliseconds


Fractal EMS combines industrial grade hardware, software, on-site integration and monitoring into a complete, vertical energy storage controls solution. Fractal EMS is made in the U.S.A. – Click Here to learn more.

  • Hardened, industrial-grade site controller and unit controllers for utility and commercial applications
  • Enables energy storage plants to meet all competitive requirements
  • Efficient communication system with millisecond response time
  • Precise regulation of real and reactive power at the grid feed-in point through closed-loop response
  • Individual activation of inverters and subsystem components
  • Compact design enables easy and fast installation
  • Seamless integration with a SCADA system or any 3rd party controller
  • Supports multiple communication protocols: RESTful Web API, Modbus, DNP3, IEC61850, IEC60870-5-104, CAN
  • Digital and analog I/O modules for communication capabilities with third-party devices
  • Balance of plant components, thermal management, fire panel and meter ingestion, diagnostics and reporting
  • Configuration, parameterization and diagnostics via WebUI


Fractal EMS can configure communications and network security to meet your specific project needs.

Cloud Dispatch

Schedule dispatches through the Fractal Calendar. Also receive API commands, ADS (CAISO) or Dispatch Calendar invites from Fractal Model

Utility SCADA Dispatch

Securely receive power (P/Q) commands from SCADA (all data points securely sent to the cloud for monitoring, reporting and predictive failures).

Local Dispatch

The Fractal Site Controller can be programmed to respond autonomously by responding to local measurements (voltage, frequency, load, etc.)


Manual Schedule

Schedule pre-programmed and customizable applications (stack up to ten) through the Fractal EMS Calendar.

Monitor and Respond

Fractal EMS monitors load, pricing, or SCADA (AGC) and responds with predefined applications.

Measure and Respond

Fractal EMS measures frequency, current, and voltage (and calculates power), and responds with predefined applications.

Receive and Respond

Fractal EMS receives commands via SCADA (AGC) or receives commands from a third-party via API.






  • Secure (e.g., 2-factor security authentication) access and communications, using industry standard protocols, including Modbus/TCP and DNP 3.0
  • Controller offers seamless integration with a SCADA system or any 3rd party controller
  • Compliant with leading open standards specifications e.g., MESA and SunSpec
  • Authentication via secure log-in with multiple user profiles that have the appropriate level of access and control for different users


The Web Interface (HMI) enables remote control across multiple locations through encrypted communication:

  • Open and close site level switchgear / breakers
  • Open and close inverter breakers (AC and DC)
  • Open and close battery rack contactors
  • Switch operating modes and reset inverters
  • Seamlessly update parameters and setpoints in real-time (locally and remotely)
  • Receive and acknowledge faults, alarms and warnings
  • Address faults, alarms and warnings by performing diagnostics and reviewing bit status codes
  • Issue an emergency stop (E-Stop)
  • Automatically and remotely deploy fire suppression
  • Custom BOP control algorithms and optimization available


Through the Web Interface (HMI), applications can operate concurrently (stacks) with priorities (e.g. perform application 2 only if application 1 is not active). Applications can also be configured to use a certain percentage of the asset (application 1 has access to 60% of the BESS rated power, application 2 has access to 40% of BESS rated power). Furthermore, applications can be scheduled to operate certain days a week on certain hours of the day, or 24/7.

Merchant Services

  • Energy Arbitrage
  • Frequency Regulation
  • Spinning Reserves
  • Non-Spinning Reserves
  • Fast Frequency Response
  • Ramp Support
  • EIM

Peak Shaving

  • Coincident Peak Shaving
  • Demand Charge Mitigation
  • TOU Energy Shifting
  • Congestion Relief


  • Resource Adequacy
  • Capacity
  • Volt / Var Support
  • Blackstart
  • T&D Deferral

Renewable Energy

  • Shifting
  • Smoothing
  • Firming
  • Clip Charging
  • PV Self Consumption


Fractal EMS allows operators to stack and deploy multiple applications with an intelligent scheduler back by multi-user permissions. Fractal EMS provides a Calendar that allows you to schedule application stacks and to schedule when your system will start/stop. Stacks are customizable, you can prioritize applications and configure individual parameters. Calendar events can be repeated, color coded and copied. Timeframes can be as short as one minute and as long as a year. In addition, the Calendar can accept schedules from 3rd parties (e.g., Fractal Model).






Fractal EMS maximizes your energy storage system’s value through intelligent dispatch.

Stack and Prioritize

Identification, prioritization and setpoint creation for primary and secondary applications enables customers to stack economic benefits.

Performance Optimizer

Mode-based State of Charge (SOC) and ramp rate management schemes to maximize system performance, battery life and safety.

Dispatch of Schedule

Switching between applications can be commanded by dispatch signal or the scheduler function. Combinations of applications may be operated simultaneously.

Custom Operating Modes

Built-in operating modes with user-defined prioritization and customization enabled. Execution of algorithms is response to measured conditions or external stimulus.