Fractal EMS provides custom equipment configurations, enclosures, monitoring and network security packages to meet your project's specific technical and commercial requirements.

FRACTAL EMS Equipment Bundle
  • Master Site Controller (1 x 50 PCS)
  • Unit Controller(s) (1 x PCS)
  • SEL RTAC (Required when interfacing with a utility SCADA, ISO or QSE connection)
  • UPS
  • Server Cabinet
  • Network Switch (Optional Managed Switches)
  • Cellular Modem
  • Spare Parts Inventory
  • Cables and Mounting Hardware
  • Indoor or Outdoor NEMA Enclosure or Bankpanel Mount
Engineering Drawings
  • 30%, 60% and IFC drawings
FRACTAL EMS Software and WebUI
  • WebUI Interface Access with Four User Levels
  • Instant Event and Alert Notifications
  • Data Management and Historian
  • Remote Software Updates, Upgrades and Patch Releases
  • Cellular Plan Management
  • Software Technical Support
On-Site Controls Integration
  • On-site Fractal EMS equipment installation
  • Site integration (batteries, inverters, thermal mgt, fire system)
  • Battery driver development and integration
  • Inverter driver development and integration
  • Fractal EMS cloud configuration and setup
  • RTAC protocol development and integration
  • Site acceptance testing and commissioning
Training and Documentation
  • On-site and classroom training
  • Fractal EMS user manual
Automated Alerts
  • Over/Under-Temperature
  • Status of BMSs such as malfunction of the battery modules or racks
  • Electrical faults in the system
  • Loss of auxiliary supply
  • Opening of the user entry container doors (if available through Modbus TCP)
  • Activation of any of the interlocking mechanisms (racks, DC isolation switch)
  • Send automated performance reports (daily, weekly and/or monthly)
  • Create and customize reports
Monitoring and Management
  • 24/7 real-time human monitoring and asset management
  • Monitor BESS control system hardware
  • Provide remote troubleshooting and system restoration
  • Perform remote inverter resets
  • Monitor SOC, C-rate and DoD management
  • Monitor fire alarm activity indicated on the fire suppression panel and report events
  • Escalate and respond to events
  • Notify the owner of Level 2, 3 and 4 events
  • Assess remedial actions if remote troubleshooting is insufficient
  • Respond to owner and equipment provider inquiries
Enhanced Analytics and Reports
  • Monthly technoeconomic assessment conducted by an experienced analyst to assess system profitability and health.
  • Monthly performance assessment to optimize system settings, operations and identify performance improvements
Market Participation
  • Market optimization, operations and coordination
Engineering and Consulting Support
  • Monthly support package for engineering, consulting or software development
Vendor Liason
  • Assess and respond to events
  • Serve as liaison to equipment providers to facilitate resolution of any BESS issue and estimate impact on site performance
Optional Preventative Maintenance
  • Required and scheduled maintenance
  • Product inspection
  • Cleaning and calibration
  • Consumable part replacement
  • Recurrent training
  • Detailed service reports


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